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  • Mission

    Empower collaborative achievement

    We believe in the tremendous power of bringing people together beyond devices. Sharing time together in the real-world, working towards a goal with people you care about is the key to leading a happy, fulfilling life. With the rise of AR technology, we envision a world where any physical location becomes a space for all kinds of shared experiences. Allowing people to collaborate and enjoy a sense of achievement at any time, any place, with anyone. Today, we're here to shape the future.

  • Products

    We're working at the forefront of next-generation software infrastructure to create a whole new gaming experience in the tangible world.

    Augmented World Game

    We're creating real-world game services using AR technology, encouraging players to interact with their surroundings in a way they have never done before. These consist of various elements including movement, exploration, puzzle solving and role playing to name just a few. The first series of the game was released last summer in Tokyo, with ambitions to deliver the experience to cities further afield and sequels thereafter.

    AR Cloud

    To refine the gaming experiences in the real world, we're developing our own AR backend technology which allows people to see and interact with digital content tied to specific locations through any device simultaneously. This involves solving the most challenging and cutting-edge problems in the industry, such as 3D localization and mapping, tracking and so on. We're hard at work to enable AR developers worldwide the use of this in the future.

  • Team

    Our founding team is composed of passionate, bright talents, originating from various countries.

    Co-Founder and CEO


    Sales & Marketing

    Full-stack Engineer

    Unity Engineer

    Computer Vision Researcher

  • Values

    We're creating a corporate culture where people with the following attitudes can thrive.

    Grow true happiness

    Constantly questioning if there's any way to better contribute to happiness in our lives, we provide the world with the solutions it needs.

    Produce meaningful impact

    We strive to accomplish work with impact. Focusing on delivering great results both to individuals and to society as a whole.

    Be courageous

    We aren't afraid of making tough decisions and facing criticism. Advocators of risks for the greater value, no matter how unprecedented it may be.

    Execute fast

    We demonstrate a bias for action and avoid analysis paralysis. Facilitating quick iterations with savvy strategic planning, we're getting feedback ASAP.

    Seek fairness

    We believe seeking fairness for all parties is a condition for true happiness. We treat everyone with respect regardless of their status.

  • About Us

    Company Name
    Pretia, Inc.


    July 15th, 2014


    Yu Ushio


    Hirahara building #202, 3-9-11 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 〒113-0033


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    Business Outline
    Design, develop and provide internet services and applications.

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